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How to upload a receipt from your phone

posted this on March 15, 2013, 12:32 PM

Wave has two convenient ways to upload a receipt: from your desktop or using a phone app. 


To upload from your phone:

1. First install the Wave Receipts app

2. You will be asked to choose an email address and password. Use the email address associated with your Wave account. 

3. Once the app has installed, sign in. This will bring you to a screen with your business name at the top, a list of any receipts you have already uploaded to this account, a menu button at the upper left and a Filter button at the upper right. Make sure the business shown is the one you want to upload the image into. If it's not, click the menu button and select the correct business. 

4. At the bottom of the screen you will see a New Receipt button, with a camera image. Click that button. 


5. A Save Receipt menu will appear with the options to Use Camera, Choose from Library (upload images you've already taken but have not uploaded) or Cancel.

6. If you have not yet taken a photograph of the receipt, click the Use Camera button. This will automatically bring you to your camera. 


7. Take the photograph.

8. The image will now appear on your screen as a Draft. If the image is acceptable, click the Submit button in the upper right corner. 


9. Once the receipt has been processed, you will have to check the details, ensure they're correct, and verify the receipt. You cannot delete a receipt from the app – you have to delete from the website. You can also simply upload the receipt from your phone and then check the details and verify on the website. 

10. To verify the receipt from your phone, touch each line or arrow to the right of the line to enter or correct the Date, Merchant, Business, CategoryTotal and Payment Account. 

11. Click the Verify button at the upper right of the screen. 


That's it! Your receipt is now entered into the system and verified, and will show up in your accounting and on your Transactions screen. 


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