Do I need a contract with my nanny?

A contract protects you as an employer, and your nanny or home care worker by outlining the terms of your working relationship. While you may already have a comfortable working arrangement with your nanny, a clear outline on paper will help you work through any issues that happen to arise. 

Why should I have a contract with my nanny? 

A contract helps to legitimize the employee-employer relationship between yourself and your nanny. This protects you from the unexpected, and outlines the obligations for both parties. Here, you're able to define terms of employment, and prevent confusion and disagreement if and when disputes arise. 

When should we sign the contract?

Ideally, you should write up a contract with your nanny when you begin working together, but this is not always possible as some families do not formalize the relationship until later. The contract should be introduced with the understanding that it is mutually beneficial.

What should the contract include?

Your contract should include your family name, your nanny's name, and the current date and length of contract. It should define your nanny's role and responsibilities (schedule, live-in/live-out status, meals, etc.), their transportation (for example, whether they will be using their own vehicle or yours), pay and benefits (scheduled leave, rate of pay, hours, etc.), and any confidentiality agreement you would like to have in place. 


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