Maternity and parental leave

Maternity and parental leave allow for time off work for employees who have recently become parents. If your employee is having a baby or adopting, they and their partner are entitled to parental leave. 

What is the difference between maternity leave and parental leave? 

Choosing maternity or parental leave will determine the code we post on the employee's ROE (record of employment).

Select Maternity leave if the birth mother is leaving the workplace to take maternity leave. This options does not apply to adoptive parents or birth fathers.

Select Parental leave if the employee is a birth father or adoptive parent.

How do I place my employee on maternity or parental leave? 

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Employees and click Edit beside the employee name
  2. Click Employment Status > Place on Leave and choose the Get Started button
  3. Click the Why is this employee taking leave? drop down and choose Maternity or Parental based on the criteria above
  4. Click the What is the last day of work? drop down and choose the last day from the calendar
  5. Click the What is the date of return? drop down and choose the employee's return date from the calendar
  6. You'll see an onscreen confirmation and the pending leave on the Employment Status page.

If you need to cancel an employee's leave, head over to the Employment Status page and click Cancel Leave to remove the status. You can reactivate your employee on their return at any time. 

Congratulations, you've successfully placed your employee on leave!