Wave is saying goodbye to personal budgets & investments.

We have some exciting feature improvements planned for your Wave account, like faster, more intuitive bookkeeping; more speed everywhere; and better reports with great insights for your business. In order to deliver those features, though, we needed to rebuild the entire engine that powers Wave’s accounting system. Read more about the future of accounting with Wave here.

Some of our old features won’t run on the new enginespecifically the Budgets and Investments tools found on the Personal side of Wave. Only a small group of customers use those tools regularly. So we were faced with the decision: Do we rebuild all of our existing personal finance features, which would take time to do really, really well; or do we turn our full focus to building more award-winning business accounting tools that millions of entrepreneurs can use to run their businesses better?

We made the difficult decision to retire the Budget and Investment features and focus instead on our business accounting tools.

"When will I get this update?" We'll be rolling this out gradually, and you’ll get an email from us when Wave’s new accounting software is ready for your business. After that, the Personal Budgets and Investments tools will no longer be available.

We wanted to let you know well in advance so you have time to record any data you need.

We’re confident that the business accounting features we’re launching will be more than a worthwhile trade-off. You’ll be able to run your business more easily with better insights and do your books in less time. Stay tuned for updates!

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