From time to time, you may want to generate a backup copy of your account information, whether for tax purposes or simply for your personal records.

Your new Data Export is designed to have as much information as you need, as accessible as possible. You’ll receive a single spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet columns include the following information:

  • Transaction ID, Transaction Date, Transaction Description, Transaction Line Description
  • Account Name, Account ID, Account Group, Account Type, Other Accounts for this Transaction
  • Amount, Debit Amount, Credit Amount
  • Customer, Vendor, Invoice Number, Bill Number, Notes/Memo
  • Amount Before Sales Tax, Sales Tax Amount, Sales Tax Name
  • Transaction Date Added, Transaction Date Last Modified 

To perform a Data Export:

  1. Navigate to your Settings in the left navigation menu
  2. Scroll down to and click on Data Export
  3. A link will be sent to your primary email address allowing you to download the file
  4. Open in your chosen spreadsheet manager

We know this is a lot of information, and you may not need to reference all of it at a given time. By consolidating the data, we’ve given you more control to manipulate the spreadsheet manually or using filters in Excel, Google Sheets, or your spreadsheet manager of choice. 

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