Add your employees

First things first, add your employees! This helps Wave accurately calculate your payroll cost.

Follow these steps to add your employees' details.  This includes their contact information, salary, vacation time, direct deposit bank account, any benefits or deductions, as well as tax allowances.

Add an employee

  1. Click the Payroll, then Employees tab in the left-hand navigation menu. In the Employees tab, select Add an employee near the top right of the screen.
  2. Complete all required fields, denoted by an *. Please ensure that the address you enter is correct, as this affects tax withholding for the employee.

Edit employee details

  1. Click the Payroll, then Employees tab in the left-hand navigation menu. Once you open up the Employees screen, click on the pen icon next to your employee's name.
  2. Once you've selected an employee's profile, you can edit information by navigating the following tabs at the left of the screen:
    1. Personal Information – Edit an employee's contact information. The employee's address plays a factor in tax calculations, so make sure you enter it correctly and update it as needed!
    2. Salary – Manage your employee's salary details. You can also schedule changes to happen on a future date.
    3. Vacation – Manage your employee's vacation, yearly vacation allowance, and control whether vacation pay is paid out on each payroll, or banked. You can also schedule changes to happen on a future date.
    4. Tax Details – Edit your employee's tax details, like exemptions, filing status, and tax codes.
    5. Benefits & Deductions – Add a bonus or commission, withhold an amount for expenses such as room and board, set the amount and how often that benefit/deduction will take place. For further details see the FAQ on How to assign a deduction or benefit to an employee.
    6. Employee Files – Upload any relevant files, like their resume.
    7. Direct deposit – Enter their banking information so your employee can receive their pay by direct deposit.
    8. Employment History – If you terminate and/or rehire an employee, you can view all dates of hire and termination here.
  3. You may have noticed the Invite to Wave button at top right if you have entered your employee's email address. This sends an email to your employee inviting them to create a Wave account where they can view their pay stubs, update their contact information as required, and view the status of their direct deposit.  See more on How to invite an employee.

    Please note that this does not in any way grant you employee access to your payroll account. If you would like to grant someone access to your payroll account you will need to invite them to the account.

Once you've added employee details, you're ready to Complete your Tax Profile.