How to record and pay overtime or vacation hours to an employee

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

Follow these instructions to record and pay overtime or vacation hours to an employee. 

  1. Click Payroll, then Timesheets in the left-hand navigation menu. Find the employee's name and click the arrow to display the fields for overtime and vacation hours. 

    If you do not see the arrow, you may be on the Pay Period view instead of Day View. To switch between the two click on switch to day view link above of the Timesheet table.  

  2. In the Overtime Pay row, enter any overtime hours your employee worked that week.

    Note: Any hours entered into this row will be counted as time and a half (1.5) when your payroll is calculated (this applies to both hourly AND salaried employees).

  3. In the Vacation Pay row:
    a) Enter any paid vacation hours your employee used that week (For example, 8 hours on October 14th).


    b) A lump sum for the total hours of paid vacation time they used (For example, 20 hours at the end of the week). 

  4. Click Save.

You're done! Your employee's overtime and vacation hours will be counted and paid out on the payroll that covers the dates you chose.