How to add an employee to your payroll

Follow the steps below to add an employee to Wave Payroll.

  1. Select Payroll, then Employees in the left-hand navigation menu .
  2. Select Add an Employee. 
  3. Enter the employee's First name, Last nameEmail, and Social insurance number. Entering the employee's email invites your employee to use Wave, which lets them fill in and update their personal information, set up direct deposit, and view and download their pay stubs. Learn more.
  4. Enter the employee's Home Address, including city, province, postal code, and date of hire.
  5. Enter your employee's Salary and Salary type (hourly or annual).
  6. Click Save employee to finish.

Now you're ready to prepare your employee's time sheet, set up their direct deposit and (once all your employees have been added) run payroll.