How to edit employee details

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

Did your employee change their address? Do they have a different bank account for direct deposit? Has their salary changed? No problem! You can make all of these changes in Employee settings. Here is a brief overview of the options you have available. 

Click Payroll, then Employees in the left hand navigation menu and choose the employee that needs editing. Once you've located the employee, click the pen icon to the right of their name.

You will see your employee's basic information (address and SIN number), plus all of the options down the left hand side. 

Personal – This is your employee's basic form that shows their address and Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Salary – On this page you can edit your employee's yearly salary or hourly pay.  You can also schedule these changes to happen on a future date. See more on How to change an employee's salary

Vacation – This is where you can schedule your employee's vacation. NOTE: You cannot edit any vacation entered in this location. When you enter it, be sure it is correct.  Or, you can enter vacation on the timesheets page

Tax Details – Enter your employee's TD1 information and whether they are tax exempt for Employment Insurance or the Canada Pension Plan. See more: What is a TD1 form

Benefits & Deductions – If you have special benefits (a bonus) or deductions (RRSP), this is where you add these for a payroll run. See more on How to assign a deduction, benefit, or bonus to an employee.

Employee Files – You can upload any extra information about your employee such as their contract. 

Direct Deposit - If your employee's bank changes, you can edit their bank information here. See more on Setting up payroll direct deposit for the first time

Employment History - See when your employee began working for you.  

Finally, you may have noticed the Invite to Wave button if you have not invited your employee to use Wave.

This invites your employee to sign up for a personal account in Wave where they will be able to view their pay stubs, their own payroll information, and the status of their direct deposit. 

There's the full overview of employee settings!