Receiving Your First Payment

Now that you have Wave Payments turned on, it's time to receive your money! This can be done in two different ways through the invoice.

  1. Send your invoice to your customer. They will be able to enter their credit card or bank payment details and process the payment themselves through the form that appears on the Invoice.
  2. If you have your customer’s credit card information or they are willing to provide this to you, you can process the credit card payment yourself from within Wave. To do this, you’ll need to locate the invoice in question and click Record Payment > Charge a Credit Card. Enter your Customer’s credit card details then click Submit Payment. 

You will also see an option here to save this credit card information within Wave (fully encrypted) for future payments!

Save customer credit cards to make repeat purchases easily - but be sure you have your customer’s explicit permission each time you charge their card!

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