Updates to employee timesheets

The updated timesheet view gives you more control, allowing you to enter the exact hours for a day or week and ensuring accurate vacation and holiday pay calculations. Here’s what’s changed.

When you click on Timesheets, you’ll see a view of the current week. To navigate to a different week, use the arrows at the top of the page. Once you’re looking at the correct week, go ahead and enter the employee hours.

For hourly employees, you can choose to enter hours worked manually by day, or enter the total number of hours worked that week. The system will then automatically distribute those hours evenly across week days.

For easy entry, you can also copy employee hours from the previous week.

If an employee worked on a statutory holiday, manually enter the hours for that day to ensure their pay is accurate.

To add overtime, vacation, or other hours, click the dropdown arrow next to the employee’s name. Just like with regular hours, you can enter overtime and vacation day by day, or enter a total for the week and the system will automatically distribute them across week days.

Salaried employees are in the second tab. Their regular hours will be entered automatically according to the average hours per week you provided when adding the employee. You can change this number at any time under the Salary tab on the Employee page. Click the dropdown arrow to add overtime or vacation.

The timesheet view shows a week at a time, so make sure you enter all relevant hours for each week in the pay period.

What if I still want to enter my employee hours in bulk?

The new timesheets page will still allow you to enter bulk hours for employees, but the hours must be entered per week, instead of for the entire pay period. This improves the accuracy of vacation and holiday pay calculations, to ensure your business remains compliant.

Why does it matter what days my employee’s work is recorded?

Depending on your jurisdiction, the number of days worked per week may affect the calculation for vacation and holiday pay. The new timesheets view splits bulk entry of hours per week evenly across the working days, so that accruals are properly calculated.

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