Overview of the payroll dashboard

The payroll dashboard is your home base for reviewing, editing, and approving payroll runs. Access the dashboard by navigating to Payroll > Run Payroll in the left-hand navigation menu.

Payroll dates

See your payroll dates at a glance, including the start and end dates for the most recent payroll run, and the payday.

The start date and end dates represent the days (inclusive) that you are paying your employees or contractors in this period; the pay date is the day your employees will receive their direct deposit (or the day you plan to cut their check).

Setting your pay dates:

For a detailed review of each type of pay period, click to read the full version of this article.

Review and Approve

When you’re ready to run payroll for a period, click Review to see all the costs for the period. Double check the amounts and click approve when you’re ready.

If you need to make changes to the payroll at this point, click Delete.

Clicking delete does not remove any hours or other data you entered for this period. It removes the payroll from pre-approval, allowing you to make further changes.

Approved Payrolls

Once you've run your first payroll, you can view all your approved payrolls and their associated costs by clicking Approved Payrolls. You can also view and download individual employee pay stubs, from this page, in addition to deleting eligible payrolls.

An approved payroll can be deleted if it meets the following criteria: no payrolls have been run after it and no money involved in the payroll has moved yet (for direct deposit or tax payment).