[NEW] Track your tax remittances

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

Track the taxes you’ve paid and the taxes you owe by marking your payroll remittances as paid in the Taxes section of Payroll.

This feature allows you to mark your remittances as paid, see what is coming due, and view what is accruing from the current remitting period.

Use the arrow to the right of the remittance amount to see which pay periods are contributing to the specific remittance amount.

What's new?

If you are currently handling your own remittances, Wave has automatically marked past remittances as paid up to the current tax year (2019). For any remittances you have already paid in 2019, you can mark these as paid by going to your Taxes page under Payroll.

If Wave is currently handling your remittances, the remittances that have already been sent to the CRA will be marked as paid based on what has been paid this calendar year.

How do you calculate this?

Based on the information you entered in your Tax Profile for your remitting frequency, Wave will display the amounts owing per remitting period and the corresponding due dates.

This includes remittances that are coming due, have already been paid, and those that are accumulating from the current remitting period.

When Wave sends your remittances to the CRA, the remittance will then move into the Paid category.

As a self-remitter, you will be able to mark your remittances as paid in order to move them into the Paid category.

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