Customize your estimates

  • Log in to your Wave account from
  • On the left navigation menu, click Settings, then select Invoice Customization, under the Sales & Payments heading.

Invoices and estimates share the same customization page. Changes made under the General settings section and the Invoice column settings section are applied to both invoices and estimates.

Learn how to customize your invoices.

General settings

Accent Color

Select an accent color for your estimate by dragging the circle along the color-strip, and adjust the tone of the color by dragging the circle around the tone box.
If you know the hexadecimal code of the color you would like to use, you can also enter it in the hex box.

As you adjust the accent color, you'll see it change in real-time on the estimate template below.


Choose one of the three available templates by clicking the left or right arrow.

You can change the font of your estimates by switching between the three templates, which have different set fonts. It’s not currently possible to select a custom font.

Add or change your logo

Add your Company logo by choosing a JPEG, PNG, or GIF image from your computer.
Wave recommends using a logo under 5MB in size, and a maximum of 300 pixels by 200 pixels.

Make sure Display logo is selected if you wish for your logo to be visible on estimates.

Invoice column settings

Customize the column titles of:

  • Products or services.
    You can choose Items, Products, or Services, or enter a custom name by selecting Other.
  • Units. You can select from Quantity, Hours and Other.
  • Price. Choose from Price, Rate, and Other.
  • Amount. The options are Amount or Other.

Optionally, select columns on your invoices to hide.

Click Save all changes once you’re finished adjusting settings. Your invoices are now customized.

You can edit an individual invoice or estimate if you want to override any of the default settings.