User roles and permission levels for collaborators

Wave account owners can invite trusted individuals to collaborate on their account as a Viewer, Editor, Payroll Manager, or Admin. As a guest user of a Wave business, you may see that the navigation menu looks different from your own Wave account. For the security and protection of business owners' sensitive data, there are a few pages in Wave that cannot be viewed, as a guest user. To help navigate these differences, we’ve put together this short list of permissions.

There are four types of users in Wave: ViewersEditors, Payroll Managers, and Admins.

An additional user role, Block Advisors Tax Pro will be visible to US businesses since the tax filing integration feature in Wave is currently available only for US businesses.

Viewers have view-level access to most of the business profile. However, you can optionally give a Viewer access to your Payroll tab as well, which gives them full access, including adding employees, running payroll, etc. They cannot view:

  • Data export under Settings
  • Payments under Sales & Payments
  • Integrations under Settings
  • Bank Connections (including the Dashboard bank balances)
  • Account Settings
  • Customer Statements

Viewers cannot perform any actions on the business they are invited to (except Payroll if you have given them access to manage payroll). This includes creating and sending invoices, adding transaction data to the business account, etc.

Editors have full access and edit permissions to all of your accounting and invoicing. If you choose, they can also send invoices on behalf of the business owner’s primary email address. This means that when a customer views the invoice, they're able to reply directly to the business owner's email address.

These collaborators have more permissions than a Viewer, with some exceptions. They cannot view:

  • Data export under Settings
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Checkouts and Payment refunds
  • Integrations under Settings
  • Bank Connections (including the Dashboard bank balances)
  • Account Settings

Editors can also optionally be given Payroll Manager access to a Wave account.

Admins have near-full access to your Wave business, including access to payroll, third-party integrations, and the ability to add other users. Admins can’t make changes to essential business settings, only the account owner can do that. Admins also cannot:

    • Delete the business.
    • Archive the business.
    • Edit the primary account holder's user profile.

Payroll Managers have full access to the Payroll tab, including the ability to add and remove employees, and run payroll. If you are currently a Payroll Manager on a business, you will only have access to the Payroll section of the Wave business profile. To expand your permissions you will need to request an additional user invitation from the owner of the Wave business.

Learn more about how to invite a user here.