How far back do my transactions import?

When you establish a bank connection to import transactions into Wave, you can select the date from which you’d like transactions to import, but there are limits to how far back Wave can import your data.

Banks place restrictions on the amount of data that can be aggregated by a third party like Wave, and so, depending on how far back your business banking history goes, your entire transaction history may not import.

Most banks will allow a maximum of 90 days worth of transactions to be imported into Wave. For some banks, you may find that only 30 or 60 days worth of transactions import.

If you find that these bank restrictions have prevented you from automatically downloading the full history of your transactions, you can still get them all recorded in Wave. You’ll want to download electronic bank statements from your bank which reflect the missing historical transactions.

You can then upload those statements into Wave by selecting the Upload a Bank Statement button at the top of the Transactions page. We support CSV, OFX, ASO, QFX, and QBO file formats.

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