If your business is located in the European Economic Area, bank connections are not available as of September 10, 2019. Read our FAQ about Open Banking.

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Every so often, your bank connection in Wave may fail with an error message. In most cases, the connection has simply timed out, and you’ll want to perform a manual refresh in order to re-establish the connection.

Occasionally, you may login to the dashboard page of your Wave account, and notice that your bank connection is failing with an error message. This can usually be fixed with relative ease by performing a few manual refreshes.

Depending on the bank that you are connected with, the connection may time out and you’ll need to re-enter your credentials in order to get the connection up and running again.

Some errors may not be resolvable in this way, but in most cases, a manual refresh or two will reestablish the connection. Here’s how you can perform a manual refresh:

  1. On the left navigation menu, select Banking, and then Bank Connections. 
  2. Locate the connection that is failing, and select to Edit bank credentials.
  3. Enter in the same credentials that you use for your online banking, as well as the answers to any security questions that are posed, and hit Submit.

Bank connections are not available in your region. Learn how to upload bank or credit card statements.

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