How to cancel and reactivate your payroll account

Whether or not you're running payroll this month, an active subscription allows you to calculate and approve payroll, maintain employees, and download tax forms. You will incur monthly subscription fees until you cancel your account.

Changing your Wave Payroll Subscription

  1. Click Settings
  2. Scroll down to Payroll and click into Billing
  3. Click Cancel Payroll Subscription
  4. On the following page, you're provided with an option to switch to a limited access subscription instead.

When you cancel your Wave Payroll account, you will have access to payroll until the end of the month in which you cancel. 

When your final month ends, you will not be able to approve payrolls or access data stored within the "Payroll" tab. You will no longer be billed the subscription fee. If you reactivate your account, you will be charged the subscription fee for the month in which you reactivate, including the active employee fee.

If you are enrolled in Wave's automated tax payment and filing service and would like to cancel, please contact our Support Team

What if you need to generate or access year-end forms? 

In order to access year-end forms, you will have to reactivate your payroll account. 

The month in which you should reactivate varies between countries: 

  • U.S. users should reactivate to obtain their W-2 and W-3 forms in January of the following year. 
  • Canadian users should reactivate to obtain their T4 Slips, T4 Summary and T4A forms in February of the following year. 

For example, if you are a business located in Arkansas and you cancelled your payroll account in June of 2020, you should reactivate in January of 2021 to obtain your W-2 and W-3 forms.

If you wish to resume using Payroll, please follow these steps to reactivate your Payroll account: 

  1. Scroll down to Payroll and click Billing  
  2. Click Reactivate your account. On the next screen, review your subscription details then click Reactivate your account again 
  3. You'll receive confirmation and your payroll subscription begins immediately 

Upon reactivation, you will be charged the base fee for the month in which you reactivate including the active employee fee. 

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