[Canada] Can I opt out of statutory holiday pay?

Wave's Holiday Pay feature will automatically calculate the pay an employee is entitled to for statutory holidays. If you do not want to use Wave's calculations, you can turn this off and manually add statutory holiday pay as a wage adjustment. 

To turn off Holiday Pay: 

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Employees > Edit Employee (the pencil icon).
  2. Click Holiday.
  3. Under Current Policy, you'll find the active policies for both Statutory and Worked Holidays. You cannot edit the Worked Holidays policy as it is a federal requirement. Change your Statutory Holiday policy from automatic to manual calculations by clicking Edit (the pencil icon).
  4. Review the pop-up on screen and click Confirm.
  5. You will receive an on-screen confirmation indicating that the policy has been updated to a Manual Pay policy.

Once you've updated the Holiday Pay Policy to Manual Pay, Wave will no longer automatically calculate the statutory holiday pay.

To add the manual amount into an employee's earning for the pay period:

  1. Navigate to Payroll > Employees > Edit Employee (the pencil icon).
  2. Click Benefits & Deductions
  3. Click Add to Pay 
  4. Choose to add a Wage Adjustment
  5. You can edit the Pay Stub Label to reflect the holiday for which you are paying 
  6. Enter the Amount
  7. Click Save