How to ensure receipt expenses are not duplicated

If you have linked the same bank account to Wave to which your receipts are being charged, then you may see duplicate transactions.

As soon as you verify the receipt in Receipts by Wave, an expense transaction will be created and added to your Transactions page. 

When the expense is charged to your credit card or bank account, the expense transaction is once again imported into the Transactions page through the bank connection you've established.

The difference between the two transactions is that the one created automatically using Receipts by Wave will include an image of the receipt while the transaction that is imported from your bank connection import will NOT have the image attachment.

To resolve the duplicate issue, you can merge the expense transaction imported from your bank with the expense transaction created by Receipts by Wave. To do this, locate both in your Transactions page, check the boxes to the left of the 2 matching transactions, and then click 'Merge'. Please see our FAQ on merging transactions for details!

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