Why did I receive an automated response?

If you submitted a ticket to our Support Team through Mave, or through our Help Center, you may have received an automated response. This type of automation is intended to provide you with the best answer to your question as quickly as possible, to save you time. 

Wave's Support Automation works by scanning your ticket for key words or phrases indicating the nature of your question, and recommends troubleshooting steps, or number of articles in our Help Center that best answer yours or related questions. 

Why is this helpful?

Our Support Team is dedicated to the success of your business, but unable to offer instantaneous support to all customers. As such, we have strived to create comprehensive and helpful Support documents available to you at any time. Our Support Automation provides you with resources that could potentially resolve your problem in minutes.

What if the automation didn't answer my question, or I still need to talk to a person?

If your question wasn't answered or you still need help, simply respond to the same email where you received the automated response clarifying your issue and providing as much detail as possible. One of our Support Heroes will be in touch as soon as possible.

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