How do I troubleshoot my bank connection?

If your business is located in the European Economic Area, bank connections are not available as of September 10, 2019. Read our FAQ about Open Banking.

If your online banking credentials or your multi-factor authentication has changed, your bank connection may stop importing transactions. Here's how to fix it.

If you notice that your transactions aren't importing, or you get an email notification letting you know your bank connection isn't working, log into your Wave account and navigate to Banking > Connected Accounts in the left-hand navigation menu.

The account that is not importing will be marked with a notification. Click Reconnect and follow the steps to reauthorize the connection by logging in with your online banking credentials.

Once you've reauthorized the connection by logging in, the connection should begin working again and transactions will begin flowing into your account from the last imported transaction.

If reconnecting doesn't work on the first try, you may need to wait and try reconnecting later.

Bank connections are a great way to get data into Wave. Those building supplies you bought with your credit card the other day? The expense transaction is in Wave! Got paid for your work and made a deposit? You'll also see that imported to your accounting.

Sometimes, despite efforts to streamline the process, you may face issues with your Bank Connections connecting or updating. This alert will pop up as a red error alert that will either appear on your Dashboard or directly on the Banking Bank Connections page.

There are a few reasons why you may receive these alerts and this guide is intended to help you get back on track as quickly as possible. The table below will provide you with some common errors and the next steps you can take to get your transactions to upload or update successfully.


If the error code reads...

What most likely happened is...

What you'll want to do is...

"Your login credentials are incorrect. Please edit credentials and re-enter your username and password. Tip: Check your caps lock, and ensure there are no spaces typed after your password."

"Your login credentials are incorrect. Please edit credentials and re-enter your username and password. Tip: Check your caps lock, and ensure there are no spaces typed after your password.

  1. Confirm the credentials are correct by logging into your Bank's Website.
  2. Clear your browser's cache/cookies then re-enter the credentials or sign into Wave using an Incognito Google Chrome Browser and do the same.

"There is a technical issue between your bank and Wave. We're on the case. Attempt to update in a few days..."

Your Bank most likely updated their log in procedure. Our bank data integration partner will be aware, and will control the timeline to change their own system in response.

Nothing, unfortunately. Depending upon how complex a change is needed by out bank integration partner, and how popular your bank is, your connection could be up and running again in a couple of days, or many months.

"Your login information is out of date. Edit credentials by re-entering your credentials and security answers. If you are unsuccessful in updating your credentials, you can try removing and re-adding your accounts."

Looks like your Bank made some changes or you've updated your password on your Bank's website since the last time you connected the account(s).

  1. Attempt to log into your Bank's website to confirm your credentials are up-to-date.
  2. Clear your cache/cookies and attempt once more to connect.
  3. Delete the Bank Connection and then attempt to re-connect the account. We know this sounds scary but it will not delete any previously imported transactions - those are totally safe and can only be deleted from the Transactions page. This more recent connection attempt also ensures things are attempting to connect and communicate properly between your Bank and Wave.

"An attempt to communicate with your bank has timed out. Please re-enter your credentials and try updating/connecting again in a few minutes."

This is a security related timeout to ensure you're the one attempting to access your transaction data. Credentials need to be entered and submitted within a certain time frame; it's one of the many things we do to keep data safe.

  1. Clear your browser's cache/cookies.
  2. Disable any Browser Extensions (or sign into Wave using an Incognito Google Chrome Browser - this disables them all for you).
  3. Attempt to connect once more.

"Wave is unable to locate your account(s)."

Something isn't right - perhaps there was some confusion along the way.

  1. Ensure you have typed in the correct name of the bank with the accounts you are trying to connect.
  2. Make sure you've selected the proper portal (i.e. personal, business banking, credit card, etc.). Unique portals require specific information. For example, attempting to connect your TD Bank US Credit Card through the standard TD Bank US portal will generate this error.

"Your login information is out of date. Try to edit credentials and re-enter your credentials and security answers. Multiple attempts to connect will be required for all security questions to be answered."

We're still working to read your credentials and security questions. Our system hasn't received all of the information it requires at this time.

Edit your credentials multiple times (5 is typical) to help the system learn how to best connect your bank account.


These are the most common errors you may receive. If the above suggestions do not help to resolve the problem you are experiencing, we recommend that you will need to import data using transaction uploads.

Wave is unable to trouble-shoot individual bank connection issues. Click here to learn more about how bank connections work, and why they sometimes don't.

Don't get caught out when your bank connection starts working!

If your bank connnection won't work and the troubleshooting steps given above don't help, the only real solution is to wait. It will get fixed in due course.

Assuming you've switched to uploading transactions by importing your data directly into Wave, it is a good idea to turn off your bank connection! Otherwise, one day you may sign in to Wave and find that your bank connection has "woken up" and started fetching transactions, and you unexpectedly have the last several months' transactions — which you carefully imported — showing up twice!

Bank connections are not available in your region. Learn how to upload bank or credit card statements.

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