Understanding the status of your receipt

Once you upload your receipt, it moves through three steps in the process of preparing to upload to your accounting. Here you'll find an explanation of these steps in order to better understand where your receipt is when you view the app. 

Please note that if you don't already have a Wave account, you will need to create one before signing in in the mobile app. You can sign up here.

On the main page of the app, you will see three headers: ProcessingReady, and Done. Tap on these headers to navigate between them. Under each, you will see a list of receipts that are currently in that stage of preparation in relation to your Wave account. 

Status Meaning
Processing Your receipt is currently being processed through our system. This may take some time, as we determine the details of your purchase transaction. 
Ready Your receipt has finished processing and is ready for your review. Click on the receipt to view its details and make any modifications you would like to make. When you're ready, click Post to Accounting to upload your receipt into your Wave account.
Done Your receipt is in the cloud! You've snapped, processed, and confirmed your receipt, and now it has been recorded as an expense on your books. Receipts at this stage are read-only

 If you encounter an error when uploading and processing a receipt, Wave will indicate this on the list page with an "!" indicator. You can then retry with your receipt.

How long will my receipt stay in processing?

The amount of time your receipt has to spend in processing varies according to how much work is involved in reading its contents, or how many receipts you are uploading at one time. Most of the time, processing will be fairly quick - the trip between the business where you made the purchase and home - but occasionally it can take a little longer. 

Can I delete and re-upload my receipt at any time?

Yes, you can delete your receipt whether it is Ready, still Processing, or Done and recorded in your Wave account. Note that if you delete a receipt that is Done, you will also delete the transaction from your Wave account

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