Guide to Wave Receipts (iOS/Android)

Tracking your receipts allows you to see where your money is going and will ease headaches at tax time.  

Please note that if you don't already have a Wave account, you will need to create you will need to create one before signing in in the mobile app. You can sign up here.

There are a number of ways to upload your receipts in Wave, but one of the most convenient ways to track expenses on the go is using our Wave Receipts mobile app, for iOS and Android. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open the App Store to download the app for iOS or download the Android app from Wave. You can get both apps here.
  2. When you open up the app for the first time, you'll see a swipeable series of images explaining what the app can do for you. Tap Get Started to begin.
  3. If you normally sign in with Google, you can do that too. If you don't already have a Wave account, go to and sign up.
  4. Once you've signed in, you'll be brought to the main page of the app, where you can move between your list of receipts according to status. If you have not yet uploaded any receipts, tap the Camera icon to get started.
    Once you've opened the camera you'll see a few options on the screen:
    1. Camera - snaps a photo
    2. Close - closes the camera and returns to the list page
    3. Flash - turns camera flash on and off
    4. Gallery - open the gallery to choose a photo
    5. OK - approve the photo you've taken and begin processing your receipt
  5. Once you take or select and approve a photo and navigate back to the home screen, you can view the status of your receipt: ProcessingReady, or Done.

    Processing receipt has been captured and is currently being read by our system, converting your image into data you can use. A Ready receipt is finished processing - you're ready to review, modify, save, and upload your receipt and record it in your accounting. A Done receipt has been posted to and recorded in your Wave account. At this time, your receipt is read-only.


On the main page of the app, you also have two options in the upper right corner: Search and Settings. Tapping on the Search option will allow you to search your receipts by merchant or amount, saving you time if you need to track down one in particular. Tapping Settings will bring up a new page with the following options:

  1. Switch business - tap here to navigate between the business profiles you have created, and those you have access to
  2. Wave Invoicing app - tap here to pull up the download page for our invoicing app - a great way to invoice your customers on the go
  3. Log out - log out of the app
  4. Tell us what you think - bring up options to rate and review the app (thank you!)
  5. Start with camera - select this option to automatically bring up the camera when you open the app
  6. Help - view support content in our Help Center
  7. About the app - bring up Wave's policy information and app build information
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