What are the fees associated with bank payments?

If you accept invoice payments from either a credit card or a bank transfer, you probably noticed that there is a fee for doing so. Just below, you will find a chart outlining all the different fees you could possibly incur based on the type of payment you plan to accept, including our new Bank Payments option.

  Credit Card AMEX Bank Payment
Canada & USA 2.9% + 30 cents 3.4% + 30 cents 1%


Please note that with each method of payment, there is a minimum fee. For example, the minimum fee for a credit card payment $0.32, due to the minimum amount that can be paid with a credit card being $0.50.

For a Bank Payment, the minimum fee is always $1. This fee is saturated once a payment of $100 is made. So in other words, the bank payment fee is $1 for any transaction with a value of $0.01 to $100. Any payment of more than $100 will result in a fee of 1% of that payment. See below:

Payment Fee
$0.50 $1
$50 $1
$100 $1
$1000 $10
$2700 $27
$35000 $350
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