How long until I get paid?

IMPORTANT: Wave's Bank Payments service is currently available to businesses located in the US and Canada only.

"Here comes the money!" If it sometimes feels like "the check'scheque'scheque's in the mail" never means the check'scheque'scheque's in the mail, we're here to accelerate the process by introducing Bank Payments.

When someone writes you a checkchequecheque, depending on where it is coming from, you may find yourself staring at an empty mailbox every morning for weeks at a time. Once the checkchequecheque arrives, you have to deposit it in your bank account and wait for a few days for the funds to clear and become fully available to you.

With Bank Payments, you will never have to wait that long: just 2–7 business days.

Your hard-earned money will be in your bank account much faster and with much less effort.

While these funding times are certainly faster than waiting for a check in the mail, we also recognize that you may wish to expedite the process even further. Please check out Credit Card Payments to learn how you can have your payments deposit in your account within 2 business days.

To see a breakdown of the fee structure for both Bank Payments and Credit Card Payments, please refer to our quick reference.

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