How to use bulk actions on transactions

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Bulk operations allow you to quickly manage multiple transactions at once, so you can get everything sorted and get back to the stuff that really matters. Below, we’ll go through how to perform each type of bulk action to get you organizing your transactions in a flash!

To use bulk actions, select more than one transaction from the Transactions list by using the check boxes on the left-hand side of the list. To select all transactions, click the check box next to Select all.

Bulk Categorization

This is exactly what it sounds like: categorize multiple transactions at once! In your business, you'll likely have several transactions that fall under the same category. Rather than work on them one by one, use the left-hand checkbox to select all transactions that fall into the same category and then select that category from the drop-down menu. Hit Apply at the bottom, and see your transactions categorize automatically!

Bulk Tax Application

Did you pay or collect the same type of sales tax on these transactions? Now you can bulk organize by tax and category at the same time.

Select Tax as the type of bulk action from the drop-down menu, then select the applicable sales tax for these transactions. As mentioned above, you can also organize by sales tax type and category at the same time. Clicking the plus sign will add another tax or category row. You can also use the tax option to remove all existing sales taxes for the selected transactions!

Keep in mind that you can add multiple sales taxes, as applicable, but remember that transactions can only belong to one category.

Bulk Account Edit

Did you ensure that these transactions are in the right account? If not, you can edit the account to ensure they're accurately recorded, and can be reconciled. Select Account from the drop down to select a new Bank or Credit Card account for these transactions.

Bulk Review

Reviewing transactions is like marking them off your to-do list. Review multiple transactions at once by selecting the box to the left of the transactions and then the checkmark icon at the top of the page

While performing other bulk actions like bulk categorization, you'll also have the option to review multiple transactions at once within the bulk actions menu.

Bulk Delete

Did you accidentally add some personal transactions to your business checking account? If you need to delete several transactions, bulk delete to the rescue! Select the transactions you want to remove and click the trashcan icon.

Remember, once you delete transactions you can’t get them back, so be sure you’ve selected the right ones and are absolutely positive you want to delete them.

Way to bulk up! You'll be organizing your transactions in record time.