Check out Wave Checkouts: Ideas for your business

You can set one up in under a minute, and it can be anywhere your customers are – read on for more ways Wave Checkouts can open your business up to a larger audience!

Create your first checkout by clicking on Sales & Payments Checkouts in the navigation menu.

You can send a checkout to a prospective client in a direct message, post it to a social media profile, and even link it to your website, allowing you to take multiple orders for common services. The best part? Checkouts does all the heavy lifting for you.

To help you get inspired, we’ve put together a list of cool things we’ve seen Checkouts used for. Browse this list for some of the most popular ideas, or come up with your own!

General Wave Checkouts Uses

  • Charge a fee for an initial consultation
  • Sell limited or time-sensitive promotions (you can turn off the checkout when completed)
  • Collect entry fees for event registration
  • Sell gift cards for your services at various price tiers ($25, $50, $75, etc.)
  • Accept donations for a cause, or for a nonprofit organization
  • Charge deposits from multiple customers using one checkout (if you have a common deposit amount you usually collect)
  • Collect orders for branded swag on your website
  • Provide customers with pricing alternatives for variations on a service (this option would use multiple checkouts) 

I'm a Web Developer/Designer

If you’re in the web design or development business, Wave Checkouts is a great complement to Wave invoices. You can use Checkouts to charge for common, fixed-price services and to open up some interesting revenue opportunities you may not have explored yet.

You can use Wave Checkouts to collect:

  • Common deposits from a single checkout – no invoice required!
  • Orders for brand or website assessments with the potential to develop into contract work
  • Orders for design resources or guides on your website
  • Fees for events or workshops you host
  • Payment for outstanding work to settle accounts

I'm a Photographer/Cinematographer

Many photographers have achieved success with Wave by finding and cultivating a niche in their local market. Whether it’s real estate, weddings, portrait photography, or something else, Checkouts' uses are pretty endless!

You can use Wave Checkouts to:

  • Offer portrait photography sessions. With multiple checkouts, you can offer tiered rates that will allow more customers to enjoy your services
  • Provide introductory photography or cinematography packages to newlyweds, home sellers, new parents, and more
  • Sell digital copies of albums from special events to the guests that attended