Looking forward to the future of accounting with Wave

Our mission at Wave is to simplify the financial lives of all the brave entrepreneurs out there who drive the global economy as they put their individual dents in the universe.

In 2010, we made our entrance with an industry-changing application: free, easy online accounting software made for small businesses. From that foundation, we’ve grown to provide a full suite of award-winning financial services and software. And we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

We’ve decided to invest back into the foundation that helped us change the lives of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners around the world – our free accounting product. As more than 3 million Wave users can attest, accounting is the “glue” that connects all of Wave’s software and services such as invoicing, receipt management, payments, and payroll. Since this software runs the core of your business, we wanted to ensure that the time and commitment we invest in this will make a difference.

This update has proven to be one of the biggest undertakings in Wave history! We went back to the drawing board to innovate our accounting product, create a user-friendly experience, and provide as many financial insights into your business as possible - empowering you to make the big decisions that will make you even more successful.

We are now closing in on the finish line! We have built out the core of this new accounting application and have already started to invite selected groups of Wave customers into the new space. We’re still working on a number of refinements. We want to be absolutely sure we're updating you to a new software that's ready to give you all the Wave features you expect, with all the core capabilities you rely on every day.

If you’re reading this and you don’t yet have access to the new system, stay tuned! We’ll be rolling this out gradually, and you’ll get an email from us when Wave’s new accounting software is ready for your business.

If you’re currently using the updated version of Wave accounting, there are some awesome things coming your way. Here are the features you can look forward to getting access to in 2018:

  • Ability to separate your personal transactions from the business
  • Multi-Currency support:
    • multi-currency transaction management (including transfers and invoice/bill payments)
    • ability to see your foreign currency transactions on reports
  • Detection of duplicate transactions and an easy workflow to merge them
  • Improvements to Account Reconciliation: the ability to do all reconciliation from a single page with a simple workflow
  • Ability to assign Customers & Vendors to a transaction
  • Ability to assign a default Sales Tax to a Category to save you time
  • Improvements to Report exports: Yearly/Monthly CSV export
  • More detail in Aged Payables and Receivables
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