Important bank holidays winter 2018

Holiday bank closures will impact timelines for receiving payments via Wave. Below, we’ve listed the dates that banks will be closed in Canada and the United States so you can plan ahead.

Christmas and New Year’s Day (as well as Boxing Day in Canada) are days that Wave cannot deposit funds as banks are closed. We want to make sure you're aware of how this may impact your business heading into the holiday season so you can plan accordingly.

2018 Holiday Bank Closures

Thanksgiving: Thursday, November 22nd (US only)

Christmas Day: Tuesday, December 25th (US and Canada)

Boxing Day: Wednesday, December 26th (Canada only)

New Year’s Day: Tuesday, January 1st (US and Canada)

Why can’t I get paid on these days?

Wave can only deposit funds to your bank account on business days. If your Wave payments account is active, credit card transactions normally post in two business days. Christmas and New Year's Day, along with Boxing Day in Canada, are not considered business days.

For example, if you were to process a credit card transaction prior to 5 pm Eastern on Friday, December 21st:

In the US it would deposit on Wednesday, December 26th

In Canada it would deposit on Thursday, December 27th

We made this list, and checked it twice! Happy holidays from the Wave Team.

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