Understanding DecisionLogic links

Wave Payroll’s Direct Deposit feature is designed to simplify payroll and help guarantee that your employees get paid on time. We try to make the whole process as seamless as possible, but there are times when we’ll have to reach out to ensure that your funds land successfully in your employees’ accounts. We’ve partnered with a trusted industry partner, DecisionLogic, to make this process as simple as possible.

The vast majority of payrolls that are approved through Wave are run without any need for intervention by you or by Wave. There are some cases, though, where we need to guarantee that the funds that are sent to your employees are available in the funding account that you have connected to VersaPay.

We don’t have access to your funding account’s transaction information, so in these cases, we’ll send you a link to DecisionLogic that allows us to get a secure, read-only snapshot of your recent transaction history and make sure on our end that the payroll amount that we withdrew has processed successfully.

We partner with VersaPay and DecisionLogic to help facilitate Direct Deposit. Each partnership serves a distinct purpose: VersaPay is used to transfer funds from your connected business and verify that your business bank account is active, while DecisionLogic is a tool that we use for transaction verification.