Set your payroll frequency

Set your pay schedule

  1. Log in to your Wave account at
  2. In the left navigation menu, click Payroll > Run Payroll.
  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Under the Business section, next to Pay schedule, select Set schedule if this is your first time using Wave payroll.
    If you’re returning, select Edit Schedule.
  5. Select your preferred payroll frequency: Weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly.
    • Weekly
      Pay your employees once a week.
    • Biweekly
      Pay your employees once every two weeks.

      Once you set the weekly or biweekly date range, you won’t be able to adjust it. The range will always cover the same days of the week, so make sure you're confident in the range you choose.

    • Semimonthly
      Pay your employees twice a month. The two payroll periods are set to run from the 1st of the month till the 15th, and the 16th until the last day of the month. This cannot be adjusted.
    • Monthly
      Pay your employees once a month. This payroll period is set to run from the 1st of the month till the last day of the month and cannot be adjusted.

    You can adjust the payday to occur a set number of days after the payroll period ends.

    An example of what your payroll schedule will look like on your Run Payroll page will be shown.

    Ensure your preferred payroll frequency is compliant with your local employment standards.

  6. Click Save and continue.

Payroll frequency and/or start dates can’t be changed by you once your first payroll is run. If you need to change the frequency after this, click on the help button in the bottom right corner of your Wave account, type payroll frequency help, then select I need help changing my payroll frequency. Wave’s support chatbot, Mave, will connect you with the Support Team.

To continue setting up your payroll account, see getting started with Payroll.

To learn about the Run Payroll section, visit the overview of the Run Payroll page.