Is Wave free? How much does it cost?

Wave has a variety of apps and features, most of which are free! 

What is Free?

There is no trial or limited time for any of Wave's free apps and features:

  • Accounting - All of accounting (transactions, reports, adding sales taxes, etc.)
  • Invoicing - Creating, sending, and editing. You can create as many invoices, customers, vendors, and products as you need! This also includes recurring invoices, reminders, payment receipts, and estimates. Invoicing is also a free app for iOS and Android.

What is Paid?

  1. Payroll -  Payroll in Canada and the U.S. is a paid service (at a super affordable price!).
  2. Payments - The ability to accept online payments for your invoices helps you get paid fast. There are lots of companies (banks, credit card brands, etc.) that take a portion of the fee we charge for online payments – but part of that does come back to Wave so we can keep building great tools for your business. For more on payment pricing, click on the Payments link above.