Tips for staying on top of accounting

Staying on top of your accounting doesn't have to take up your entire life (or one very long weekend per year). Here are some tips!

  • Connect your bank account - This will automatically import transactions into Wave. It saves loads of time from manual entry.
  • Upload bank statements - If you can't connect (or don't want to) uploading past statements is still a great option.
  • Bulk categorization is a huge time-saver! Even if you only log in once a week, this will make quick work of your transactions.
  • Verify transactions you have categorized and know are correct.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts as often as you can. This doesn't need to be a once a month task. 
  • When troubleshooting any problems, have one tab open with your reports and another tab with your transactions page. This will help you minimize time clicking between windows.
  • Use the date filter options to narrow your search and reduce clutter. 

Congratulations on getting your accounts set up on Wave!