Pay your employees using checks printed in Wave

To print a check in Wave, use printer-friendly check paper.

You must approve your payroll before you can write checks. Learn how to approve a payroll.

        1. On the left-side menu, click Payroll > Run Payroll.
        2. Click Approve this payroll.
        3. If you write your own checks, your payroll is complete. To print a check in Wave, click Print Checks.
        4. Under the Create a check? column, select the checkbox for each employee that needs a check.

You can pay some employees by check and some by direct deposit in the same pay period. Learn how to pay your employees using direct deposit.

        1. Select the style for how the check will print.
        2. Click the print icon.

To reprint a check, on the Run Payroll page, click Approved Payrolls at the top right. Select the pay period and click Print Checks.