Downloading an electronic statement from your bank or credit card

Most online banking sites will allow you to download an electronic file containing your bank or credit card transactions. This can be very useful when you want to bring past transactions into Wave, or if you prefer to avoid connecting your bank or credit card accounts directly. 

Wave supports the following file types for uploading:

  • Microsoft Money (.OFX)
  • QuickBooks (.QBO)
  • Quicken (.QFX)
  • Simply Accounting (.ASO)

If none of these file types are available from your online banking site, Wave also allows you to support Comma-Separated Variable (.CSV) files. This is a more complex option, Wave recommends using one of the four file formats listed above if you can.

Where to download your bank or credit card statements

Unfortunately there is no consistency from bank to bank as to where you can find the downloading or exporting tools, nor is the language always the same. In general, once you're logged into your online banking site look for wording such as "Download transactions" or "Download account details" or "Export account history" (See below for a few examples). If your online banking site has a Help section, try searching for terms like "QuickBooks" or "Simply Accounting" for instructions on downloading your statement.

See step-by-step instructions on uploading your statement into Wave