What are customer statements and when should I use them?

Customer statements allow you to summarize all the invoices and payments for a customer between two dates in a single view. Send a statement to your customers if they have more than one invoice outstanding, or if your customer wants to see all invoices and payments.

How do I generate and send a Statement in Wave? 

Go to Sales in the left-hand menu and click on Statements. Select the customer you want to generate a statement for and the appropriate date range. 

If you don't see all the expected invoices and payments for the customer, try selecting a wider date range. 

What type of Statement should I send to my customer?

There are two types of statements in Wave, "History" and "Unpaid". 

Generate an Unpaid statement by checking the "Show unpaid invoices only" box. An Unpaid statement only displays invoices that have not been fully paid and does not display the date and amount of the payments. Use this type of statement when you want to get paid for all the outstanding invoices. 

Generate a History statement by unchecking the "Show unpaid invoices only" box. A History statement displays the details of all invoices and payments between the two dates, even if the payment applies to an invoice that is dated outside of the selected date range. Use this type of statement when you want to see a detailed transaction history with your customer. 

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