Welcome to Wave Payroll

Welcome to Wave Payroll! We know brave entrepreneurs like you are incredibly busy, so we've simplified the process of paying your employees. We've also created this getting started guide to help walk you through setup. Follow it and you'll be able to approve your first payroll in a matter of minutes!

Each setup step is vital to accurately calculating the amount of tax to withhold from your employees, so make sure you complete each one in its entirety.

Add Employee(s) 

Add your employees' details so we can accurately calculate their pay. This includes contact information, salary, vacation time, tax allowances, and benefits and deductions 

Complete Your Tax Profile 

Let us know your tax details so that we can accurately track your  tax liabilities and due dates

Enter Payroll History 

Have you run any payrolls outside of Wave this year? If so, you'll need to let us know the wages and taxes so that we can accurately calculate them going forward

Direct Deposit Application 

Sick and tired of writing checks? Go paperless today with direct deposit. The best part? It's completely free! (and optional)

Enter Timesheets

If you have hourly workers you'll need to enter their hours so that we can accurately calculate their wages

Pay Your Employees

If you'd like to have your Payroll Administrator complete the onboarding process for you, they can.

You're almost at the finish line. Time to approve your payroll and pay your employees!

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