Overview of receipts

Even the most organized among us can have problems keeping all our receipts in the right place. When you're busy trying to run your small business along with rushing around shopping for business and personal items, receipts can get shoved in the most unusual of places.

For the less organized among us, by the time the receipt is dug out of a box, sometimes the information is no longer legible. And even if you do have your receipts all nicely organized and in the right place, you end up with stacks and stacks of receipts to look after. 

Receipts by Wave cleans up that mess of paper and turns it into clean digital accounting.

Three ways to upload your receipts:

Receipts by Wave supports 3 ways to upload your receipts into your accounting: web app, mobile and email.  

From your Wave web app account, you can select the Receipts tab on the left hand side. Then, start uploading all of the images of your receipts to create transactions. See more information on Uploading Receipts in Wave.

The Wave Receipts mobile app lets you upload receipts on the go. The app is available for free, and you can download it from the App Store for iOS or download it from Wave for Android. You can visit our our product page to learn more.

Finally, you can email a receipt right into Wave if you have a Wave account. This will automatically create a transaction with that receipt attached. Check out the guidelines on Emailing a receipt to your Wave account.

What does Receipts by Wave do for you?

  1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR):  Wave uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to discern the name of the business and the amount you paid. See more on How to take a good photo of your receipt
  2. Verification:  Upload your receipt, check it over and edit any information, verify, and then you're done.  Once you verify your receipt, you know that it is correct and no more work is required for you to do.
  3. Sales Tax calculation:  If you have created a sales tax in your Wave online account, you will be able to select which tax is part of the total of your receipt.
  4. Storing of your images:  All of your receipts images will be on file all of the time.  You can also export your receipts images in a .zip file if you want to have a backup of your images. You do not need to keep these receipts anywhere other than in Wave. Check out How to export your receipts.

Note: For security reasons, do not take images of sensitive information such as credit cards and personal identification.

No more shoving receipts in your glovebox or pockets. When you've scanned or uploaded your receipts, you don't have to worry about losing them and will be able to maximize your deductible amounts. No more spending hours going through receipts and painstakingly entering every detail. Just one more way Wave sets you free, making it easy for you to be your own boss. 

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