How to take a good photo of your receipt

Here are some tips for taking a good quality picture of your receipt for your records.

  • Make your receipt as flat and wrinkle free as possible. It can help to take a picture of your receipt with your phone the instant you receive it.
  • Take the picture in a well-lit area or turn on your flash.
  • Keep still so your picture isn't blurry.
  • Lay your receipt on a flat, non-reflective surface and hold the camera directly above it.
  • Some receipts are very long, with the bottom part of the receipt taken up by store marketing. If this is the case, just photograph the part of the receipt that contains the important data (the merchant, transaction date, items purchased, sub-total, total and taxes). 

Special note: For security reasons, do not take images of sensitive information such as credit cards and personal identification (such as a passport).