How to upload a receipt

How to Upload a Receipt

  1. Take a picture of your receipt and upload it to your computer.
  2. Click on Receipts tab on the left side of your screen.
  3. Click on the Upload Receipt button and select your receipt.

    You will see an orange bar at the side and the word "Processing" as Wave gets the information from the receipt. This can take a few minutes. If the processing message continues for longer than you think it should, click the refresh button.

  4. A blue line will appear when processed. This means the information has not yet verified.
  5. Click on the arrow on the right of the receipt
  6. Here you can select to Move or Delete this receipt.
  7. To Edit and/or Verify this receipt, select View/Edit Details.
  8. Make sure the information is correct.
  9. Click on Category and Payment Account to type in or select the correct choices.
  10. Once you are sure the information is all correct, click the Verify Receipt button.

    After clicking this button you will NOT be able to edit the receipt

    Uploading a receipt will create a transaction on the Transactions tab

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