How to email your receipts to your Wave account

If you've got a receipt sitting in your inbox, or on your phone, tablet or computer, you can email it to

Follow these guidelines to successfully email receipts:

  • Send one receipt per email (we do not recognize multiple attachments per email).
  • The email must be sent from your primary email address.
  • Send your receipt as a new email – do not forward receipts you've received in your email.
  • The receipt must be an attachment.
  • The receipt must be in one of the supported formats: PDF, jpg/jpeg, tiff/tif, bmp and png.

Where will the receipt import?

  • The receipt will be imported to your primary business. You can check which business is primary by clicking on Manage Your Profile Businesses. The primary business will be indicated with a star.

When you're ready, sign into Wave's web app and go to Receipts to verify the details of your receipt!

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