Save customer credit card information

If you do business with the same customer, it is handy to have their credit card information on file. Here's how to save credit cards when you use Wave Payments.

There are two ways you can save your customers' credit card information: right from the customer list or when adding a payment to an invoice.

Save a credit card from the customer list

  1. Select Sales and click Customers. Once you have created a customer, you will then be able to select a customer from your customer's list. On the customer overview page, select Add Card to add a payment method. 
  2. Enter the credit card information of your customer on the Add Card popup. Click 'Save Card', and if the details are correct, it will automatically save. Your customer's credit card information will be saved for the next time you wish to add a payment to one of their invoices. 

    Note: You cannot edit a saved credit card, only delete it.

  3. If you want to delete the credit card, click the trash can icon beside the card details.

On the go: Save a credit card while accepting a credit card payment.

If you are adding a payment to an invoice with a customer's credit card, you can also save that customer's credit card details for next time. This won't disrupt you making the actual credit card payment! 

  1. On the Invoices tab, select the invoice you want to add a payment to.  Click Record a payment. The option to choose a payment method will pop up.  Click Charge a credit card. 
  2. Enter your customer's credit card information. Then, click the check box beside Store this credit card to use later for this customer. That's it! Your customer's credit card information will be stored for that customer.  If you want to delete this stored credit card, refer to Step 3 above.

Learn more about Wave’s security measures in the Security and Privacy statement.