Import past transactions from your bank or credit card account

Automatic bank transaction imports are part of Wave’s Pro Plan. Learn more about Wave’s plans or how to subscribe.

When you connect your bank account to import transactions, the number of past transactions Wave can import is limited by what your bank allows.

If you have older transactions that you want to import to Wave, you can manually upload a statement by following the steps below.

  1. On the left-side menu, click Accounting > Transactions to go to your Transactions page. Make a note of the date on the earliest transaction imported through your bank connection.
  2. Go to your online banking site, and download an electronic statement in one of the formats mentioned below. If possible, choose to download only the transactions that occurred before the earliest transaction that you imported into Wave (the date you noted in step 1).
    • Microsoft Money (.OFX)
    • QuickBooks (.QBO)
    • Quicken (.QFX)
    • Simply Accounting (.ASO)

    If your bank doesn't support any of the above formats, it may offer statements in CSV format. Wave can import .csv files, but this format can sometimes be more prone to errors. If you’re using a .csv file, follow the detailed instructions in Upload a bank or credit card statement in .csv format.

  3. On your Transactions page click More at the top right of the screen, then select Upload a bank statement. Follow the steps to upload your statement. For detailed steps, see Upload bank and credit card statements.