How to edit transfers, payments and journal transactions

Transfers, journal transactions, and invoice or bill payments require additional action to re-categorize them, because they are already "categorized" as their respective transaction type. 

Transactions marked as Transfers

  1. Click the arrow on the right that appears when you hover over the transaction.
  2. Select Unlink Transfer.
  3. Re-categorize the transactions according to your business needs. 

Transactions marked as invoice or bill payments

  1. Select the transaction.
  2. Click the Show Details tab to expand the view
  3. Select the invoice or bill link– this will redirect you to the invoice or bill where the payment is applied.
  4. Edit the payment and change the payment account. You can also delete the payment.  

Transactions entered from the Journal Transactions page

  1. Locate the transaction categorized as a Journal Transaction.
  2. Click Show details and Edit Journal Transaction.   

A journal transaction cannot be deleted from the Transactions page. Click Edit Journal transaction first. 

  1. Click the Transactions tab under Accounting in the left-hand menu.
  2. Locate the Transfer, Payment, or Journal Transaction you wish to re-categorize and click on it.
  3. Edit the information according to your business needs in the right-hand details view.

A small but important FYI regarding deleting things in Wave:

If you delete data in Wave, you won’t be able to recover it. Because you own your financial information, if you delete it, you’re telling us you don’t want us to store it anymore. So we won’t! Anything you delete (invoices, bills, manually created or imported transactions, journal entries, and pretty much anything else you can add) is gone forever once it’s deleted. This includes your entire Wave account, should you choose to close it; you can read more about that here.

If you do delete something you realize you need back, you’ll need to enter it or create it again. You can reference information from outside Wave to help with this, like bank statements, bills, or receipts. We don’t store any of your old data or older versions of your account, so make sure you definitely want to delete something before you hit that button!


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