Payroll tax remittance due dates

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

When you register your business with the CRA, they send you information about your business tax remittance frequency. To register for a business number, see the CRA’s article on business numbers.

Types of remittance frequencies

Enter or change your remittance frequency in Wave

Types of remittance frequencies

The CRA decides your tax remittance frequency based on how long you have been in business, your average monthly withholding amount, and your pay date. To understand
how the CRA determines your remittance frequency, see the CRA article on the types
of remitter

If your business is active on direct deposit, your tax remittances will be made to the CRA automatically by Wave. Learn how your taxes are remitted in Payroll tax services in Canada.

Regular Remitter (Monthly in Wave)

As a regular remitter, tax payments are due to the CRA before the 15th day of the following month you paid your employees. For example, if your employee's payday was January 10, the related tax payments are due on or before February 15.

Threshold 1 (Accelerated remitter)

As a Threshold 1 remitter, there are two tax payment due dates based on your employee's pay date:

        • If your payday falls before the 16th of the month, your tax remittances are due by the 25th day of the same month.
        • If your payday falls after the 16th of the month, your tax remittances are due by the 10th day of the following month.

Threshold 2 (Accelerated remitter)

As a Threshold 2 remitter, the CRA requires payments up to four times per month. These payments occur between the 1st and 7th of the month, the 8th and 14th of the month, the 15th to 21st of the month, and the 22nd to the last day of the month.

Wave only supports monthly remittances at this time. If you are a quarterly remitter, you can still use Wave’s tax service feature to remit tax payments monthly without penalties from the CRA.

Enter or change your remittance frequency in Wave

To enter your tax remittance frequency in Wave, read Complete your tax profile. To change your tax remittance frequency in Wave, see Update your business tax profile.