How to edit employee details

This article applies to Wave Payroll in Canada.

Did your employee change their address? Do they have a different bank account for direct deposit? Has their salary changed? No problem! Here is a brief overview of how to make these changes in Wave.

From Payroll, select Employees. On the following page, locate the employee you want to make changes for and either click their name or click Edit. 

If you do not see the desired employee under Active, you can locate their profile by clicking On Leave or Dismissed.


This is your employee's basic form. It shows their address and Social Insurance Number (SIN).


On this page you can view and manage your employee's current Salary and view their Salary History. You can also schedule salary changes to take effect on a future date. See more on How to change an employee's salary.


On this page, you can review and manage your employee's vacation policy, their vacation policy history, and the available vacation balance. To learn how to set a vacation policy, see Set a vacation policy for your employees.

Note that this section is for managing an employee's vacation policy only. If you need to record vacation time taken, enter vacation hours in Timesheets


On this page, you can review and manage an employee's Statutory Holiday Policy. You can also see upcoming and policy history. Learn more about setting up and opting out of holiday pay here.

Sick Leave

Not all provinces have a mandatory sick leave requirement but you begin a basic policy on this page. Once you opt-in, you can manage specifics such as the Balance and Upcoming Policy.

Tax Details

Enter your employee's TD1 Form information here and whether they are exempt from Employment Insurance premiums or Canada Pension Plan contributions. Want` to know more? Check out what is a TD1 form.

Benefits & Deductions

If you need to set up employee benefits or deductions, you can add them here. See more on How to assign a deduction, benefit, or bonus to an employee.

Employee Files

You can upload additional employee documents here, such as any personal information forms, authorization for hiring, direct deposit agreement, benefits enrolment or TD1 Form.

Direct Deposit

Here you can select if you want to pay this employee with direct deposit or not. You can change this setting at any time.

In order to pay your employees by Direct Deposit, you will need to authorize direct deposit in Payroll Setup.

Bank Details

If your employee's bank account has changed, you can update it here. Having trouble with an employee deposit? Check out bank account troubleshooting tips

Employment Status

See when your employee began working for you and change their employment status with your business as needed (Place on Leave or Start Offboarding). Need more help? Check out how to handle employee offboarding.