I verified my receipt and now I can't edit it

When you verify a receipt, you're telling Wave "This is the final version – everything is correct." If you find you need to change some information, here's how to do it.

When you first import a receipt, Wave will automatically gather information during processing. You'll know a receipt is processing when the status color is orange. 

Once a receipt as been processed, the status changes to unverified (blue), and you can edit or add any details.  

Once a receipt has been verified, it cannot be edited on the Receipts page. However, you can still edit this information on the Transactions page.

 I want to edit the description, tax, expense category, or vendor

  1. Go to the Transactions page and filter by date to find the transaction quickly.
  2. Click on the transaction, then Show Details to edit the information. 

I want to edit the amount of the receipt

  1. Find the receipt on the transactions page, click it, and select the right down arrow. 
  2. Click Split transaction.
  3. Split the transaction into the two (or more) amounts that you want. 

Once the transaction is split, you will still be able to see the original receipt details under Show details.

I want to change the payment account

  1. If you still have the original receipt:
    1. Delete the Transaction from the Transactions page
    2. Delete the Receipt from the Receipts page 
  2. If you do not have the original receipt:
    1. Find the transaction on your Transactions page and delete it.
    2. Export your receipts to receive a file of all of your images.
    3. The exported folder is arranged by date and merchant name. Find the correct receipt from the folder and move it to your desktop (so it's easy to find.)
    4. Delete the receipt transaction from the Receipts page.
    5. On the receipts page, click Upload receipt and select the image from your desktop (or wherever you moved it to) and upload it again.

      As always, before verifying a receipt, ensure that you have all of the correct information!

Here's how to edit your receipt information once a receipt has been verified:

  1. Click the Transactions on the left-hand menu.
  2. Locate the receipt transaction and select it to open the details on the right-hand side.
  3. Edit the information required, such as: Account, Category, Date, etc.
  4. Click Save once you're happy with the edits.
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