Introduction to Wave

Let’s start with a round of applause — for you! Congratulations on running your own business, and congratulations on wanting to take control of your business finances. 

Do accounting, invoicing and payroll sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed? They don’t have to.

Wave is made for you: the small business owner, the freelancer, the entrepreneur, the consultant, the contractor.

We built Wave for everyone managing their business finances without training in technical things like accounting and payroll. Sound familiar?

All the tools in your Wave account are jargon-free and easy to use. No college courses or MBAs required!

 Some of the features in your Wave account: 

  • Accounting - Real double-entry accounting, made easy. Monitor your transactions, track expenses and income, generate reports, and more. It’s a full-featured accounting app for no charge whatsoever, made for small businesses. 
  • Invoice - When your work is done, make billing as easy as possible for you and for your customers. Create custom invoices on beautifully designed templates, automate reminders to make sure you get paid promptly, and even give your clients the option to pay by credit card. 
  • Payments - Get paid faster by accepting credit cards, and have the money go right to your bank account. 
  • Payroll - Keep your employees happy and eliminate the headaches that come from trying to understand payroll taxes and payments to the government. Payroll tracks salaries and hours worked, manages tax deductions, and even includes direct deposit so you don’t have to run around writing and delivering checks. 
  • Receipts - Scan receipts with your phone, and they automatically appear in your accounting. You can also upload or email your receipts into Wave. You’ll stay organized, save time, and eliminate manual data entry errors.
  • Personal - Manage your personal finances in Wave, too. Perfect for when you’re not as careful as you should be about keeping personal and business accounts as separate as they should be.

Dashboard overview 

  1. The “Dashboard” tab
  2. The “Sales” tab
  3. The “Purchases” tab
  4. The “Accounting” tab
  5. The “Banking” tab
  6. The “Payroll” tab
  7. The “Reports” tab
  8. The “Settings” tab for your Business Settings
  9. The “Integrations” tab
  10. The “Business Switcher” and "User Settings" menu

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