The chargeback process: What to expect

If you choose to dispute a chargeback, the entire process can take up to 90 days.

The process begins when your customer initiates a chargeback with their credit card company, who in turn will notify Wave.

Day 1: Wave notifies you of a chargeback

Wave sends you an email titled “[Action Required] - You have a disputed charge” outlining the details of the chargeback, and the options to respond. Learn more about your options in how to Respond to a chargeback.

Day 2: Funds are withdrawn from your bank account

The full chargeback amount and a $15 fee will be withdrawn from your bank account connected for payouts in Wave. The funds are held by the cardholder’s bank until a decision is made even if you intend to dispute the chargeback.

Day 10: Deadline to submit your dispute documents

You have 10 days from when the chargeback is opened to submit your documentation to fight the chargeback or to prove that the customer has dropped their chargeback. If Wave doesn’t receive your documents by this deadline the chargeback can no longer be disputed.

For help preparing your dispute documents, see Put together your chargeback documents.

If your customer has dropped their chargeback, see What to do if your customer drops a chargeback.

Days 10-80: Your document package is created and sent to your customer’s bank

After Wave receives your documents, our dispute team puts together a document package and sends it to your customer’s bank. Wave will notify you by email when this package has been sent.

Your customer’s bank has up to 60 days from the date of document submission to review the information. The bank makes a final decision regarding whether or not the cardholder’s chargeback is legitimate. It’s common for banks to take the full 60 days to respond to a dispute claim. Wave will provide an update via email as soon as the banks have reached their decision on your claim.

If your customer has dropped their dispute, it can still take up to 60 days for your customer’s bank to close the case and return the disputed funds.

Days 80-90: The cardholder’s bank decides the outcome

Wave’s disputes team will email you the outcome of the dispute when we receive a decision from the cardholder’s bank.

If the bank rules in your favor, your customer’s bank will reimburse Wave for the chargeback. Wave will deposit these funds in your bank account, including the chargeback amount and the $15 dispute fee. It can take up to two business days for you to receive the funds once the reversal occurs.

If the bank rules in your customer’s favor, Wave will notify you of the bank’s decision and any reasoning the bank has provided. The funds will not be returned to you.

The final decision cannot be overturned and a chargeback cannot be disputed twice.